The Zou Ushatar on the hunt

Zou Ushatar, Black Speech for Black Warrior, was an orc pack established by Morgoth to hunt down surviving Ñoldorin elves of the Dagor Bragollach.

The leader of the pack was Brukraksh the Ironclad.

Zou Ushatar is the main group of antagonists in the fan-fiction novel: Veteran


The Zou Ushatar were made up of relatively medium-heavy infantry orcs who had shown exceptional abilities as scouts, runners, and had excellent sense of smell. The pack was noted for its uniformity, being one of the few orc units that had matching armour and equipment.

At the time of its establishment, the Zou Ushatar were numbered at 70 orcs, but the number then increased to 140, due to the pack's successes at hunting down elves.

The Zou Ushatar were wiped out in the later months of FA 456.

Notable MembersEdit

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