Biographical Information
Other namesBrightness
AffiliationGrey Company
SubgroupThe Scoundrel
Date of birthTA 2906
Date of deathFO 100
WeaponryBow and Sword
Physical Description
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Yenyar is a member of the Grey Company and the scout of its subgroup, The Scoundrel.


Battle of Lam NheongEdit

Corsanir and him went to a lake near Lam Nheong, a Gondor village, to scout. All of a sudden Yenyar found out there is dew on the leaves, he was astonished. Then they heard some loud marching sound and lights behind some woods. They immediately returned to the village and alerted the others that the Orcs were arriving.

When the Orcs arrived, Yenyar and the other Rangers of The Scoundrel were waiting for them. The Orcs, led by Yfel, a lieutenant of Lemqote, were shocked for a few seconds but quickly responded the enemy with drawing swords. But the company finished all of them easily. He later was presented in the duel on the cliff and he survived the war.

War of the RingEdit

He participated the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, he climbed into the city and led some archers to overwhelm the Orcs. He killed many Orcs during the charge. He then joined Battle of Morannon and he fought bravely that he broke into the Black Gate, where he encounter Mouth of Sauron and killed him. He was complimented by Aragorn in Aragorn's coronation.


He lived in Fornost Erain with his friends in Fourth Age and he was the president.

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