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King Dalbon I Fëanor Lord Gorbal Lord Dalbon" King Dalbon I Fëanor Lord Gorbal Lord Dalbon" 7000 Elves 2000 Haradrim" 7000 Elves 2000 Haradrim"
War of Gorbon
Part of The War of the Great Jewels
Orcs marching to Gorbon
Date: Years of the Sun - First Age
Location: Gorbon
Result: Victory for Gorbon
Casus belli: Morgroth
Territory changes: Khand,Near Harad
Men and Elves Orcs
King Gorbal I

King Dalbon I


Lord Gorbal

Lord Dalbon



5000 Men

7000 Elves

2000 Haradrim

20000 Orcs
3000 Men 4000 Elves 1575 Haradrim 20000 Orcs
 It was a 5 year war of the city Gorbon  when Morgroth feared it would be a threat.

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