Voinar reading his book
Also Known As
Voinar the Brave
Son of Vorin
Unknown (Video Game)

"Do not apologize young Hobbit we may have been seperated from the group but we will still find the Wizard"


Voinar is a Dwarf and a character in the book titled The Hobbits. And is a close friend with Gerbulas Hamwichand makes a small cameo in The Adventures of a Hobbit

Early LifeEdit

Voinar was born sometime in The Third Age in the Iron Hills, he was the son of legendary Dwarf warrior Vorin who died in the beginning of the Fourth Age. Voinar spent most of his childhood training to be a great warrior, Vorin was very strict to Voinar as a child. In Voinar's free time he'd secretly read books.

The Civil WarEdit

36-Years after The Fourth Age began, King Sidry III did not agree with the ways of Dwarf and Elf, he declared war on them. Voinar was chosen to participate in the War. Months later Mermiach and the 5 Elves arrived and Mermiach attempted to negotiate but failed and another battle broke out, Voinar was secretly helping Mermiach and the Elves. After the King was killed Mermiach's new nickname from Voinar was "The Hobbit with balls"

Middle-earth's enslavementEdit

When Middle-earth was attacked by Orcs, Goblins and Trolls. Voinar fought back was assisted by the Elves Nienna Elensar and Golradir Telrúnya.

Finding SurvivorsEdit

On their travels Voinar and the Elves met the 4 Hobbits, Gerbulas and Bolo Hamwich, Goldie Hardbottle, Pansy Danderbluff, they agreed to travel together. Later they found the Wizard Valaraukar the Beige and the 3 Human brothers Moddyn, Owemyr and Carurcyn Hildeson. They later agreed to join and save Middle-earth.

Travelling to the WizardEdit

The group went in search for the Wizard encountering many Orcs, Goblins and Trolls on the way. Over the weeks the indivisuals began to get along more and started to treat each other like family.

Separation and presumed death of BoloEdit

As everything was going well it all started to fall apart as the group was captured by Orcs and were being taken to the Wizard, luckily Gerbulas, Bolo, Goldie and Pansy managed to escape and attempted to save the group but triggered the alarm and caused a huge battle and the Orcs underground base leading to destruction, Bolo fell through a hole in the ground and was presumed dead which led Gerbulas in a blind rage to go back and kill Orcs, Voinar was sent to get him back but a boulder dropped and blocked Voinar and Gerbulas' way back out, so the two had to find another way out, the rest were trying to run away from the destruction of the lair but suddenly Nienna, Goldie and Pansy fell through a hole leading to an ocean, luckily the Wizard, 3 Humans and Elf managed to escape. They all indivisualy attempted to make their own way around to the Wizard hoping to meet again.

Traveling with GerbulasEdit

After they escaped the crumbling lair, Gerbulas apologized to Voinar for getting him into this mess but Voinar stopped him and told him it was bigger than both of them and they need to stick together. The two spent many weeks together fighting loads of Orcs

Finding BoloEdit

Days later Voinar and Gerbulas finally found Bolo. the 2 brothers greeted eachother with a hug. They then continued their journey to The Wizards tower.


The 2 Hobbits and Dwarf arrived at the Wizards tower, there they saw the group and they all reunited and went into the tower together, they were attacked by Orcs and a huge battled emerged, Gerbulas told Bolo (Since he is the Chosen One) and Valaraukar (Since he is a Wizard and fit enough to protect Bolo)to fight the Wizard who is now known as The Dark Lord.

The BattleEdit

Voinar and the rest of the group battled the Orcs for hours, and so Voinar put in most of his skills to kill the Orcs. hours later Bolo and Valaraukar came back downstairs and announced they had defeated The Dark Lord.

Party CelebrationEdit

After Middle-earth was rebuilt and its civilizations freed, a party was made for the group.


Months later, Voinar and his companions went to see Bolo, Pansy, Nienna and Valaraukar off to The Undying Lands.

Later LifeEdit

Voinar moved back to the Iron Mountains and married Gwaell daughter of Dusin. They had 3 children named: Goili, Lesil and Clurka. A few years later the family were offered a place in the Undying Lands, they excepted.


Vorin- Father

Gwaell- Wife

Golili- Son

Lesil- Son

Clurka- Daughter

Gerbulas Hamwich- Close Friend and Teammate

Bolo Hamwich- Friend and Teammate

Mermiach Hamwich- Old Friend

Eärendur Eärfalas-Friend (deceased)

Findecáno Elensar- Friend

Lenwë Pallanén-Friend

Valaraukar the Beige- Friend and Teammate

Nienna Elensar- Friend and Teammate

Golradir Telrúnya- Friend and Teammate

Moddyn Hildeson- Friend and Teammate

Carurcyn Hildeson- Friend and Teammate

Owemyr Hildeson- Friend and Teammate

Physical AppearenceEdit

He had the build of a regular Dwarf, he had brown eyes and a blondish brownish beard

Personality and TraitsEdit

Unlike many Dwarves, Voinar did not have a short temper but was more of a pacifist but he would fight if the world depended on it.


Armor- Voinar had Dwarf Armor to protect him from damage

Huge Shield- Voinar had a huge shield to protect him also

Hammer- Instead of an axe, Voinar had a hammer


  • Voinar is currently at the age of 168
  • He does not appear in The Adventures of a Hobbit film adaptions
  • His first appearance is in The Adventures of a Hobbit
  • Voinar will feature as a LEGO minifigure in the LEGO The Hobbits sets

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