Violet Rosa Greenhill (22 August 2

Violet Greenhill.png
Violet Greenhill
Biographical Information
Other namesVi, Miss Violet, Miss Greenhill
AffiliationThorin and Company
LanguageWestron Elvish
Date of birth22 August TA 2893
Year ascended to the throne{{{rule}}}
Date of death{{{death}}}
WeaponryOrcbane (sword)
Physical Description
CultureShire-hobbits (Greenhill family)
HeightHalf a head shorter than Bilbo
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorHazel
Skin colorFair
FamilyGreenhill family
ParentageTom Greenhill III andMara Cauliflower
SiblingsTom IV, Will, and Hazel Greenhill
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorLucy Hale
890) was a Hobbit of the Shire and the main protagonist of the upcoming Violet trilogy. She has been best friends with Bilbo Baggins since they were children and raised by Bilbo's parents. Now she refused to leave her friend's side to accompany him on the Quest of Erebor.
Violet Greenhill

Lucy Hale as Violet Baggins

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Violet Rosa Greenhill was born in the year 2893 years before the Fell Winter. She did not get along well with her sister in law, Bellaire. She also did not fit in. Instead, Mara sent Violet to live with her mother's best friend, Belladonna Took where Violet befriended Bilbo Baggins and they came to have feelings for each other, began acting more like brother and sister. She even pranked Gandalf with using a sword she named Orcbane (which would also be the name of her regular sword.


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