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Vigo Boffin
Vigo Boffin
Biographical Information
Date of birth2937 3A
Date of deathOctober 5, 2990 3A
Physical Description
Skin color{{{skin}}}
ParentageJago Boffin & Unnamed mother
SpouseUnnamed wife
ChildrenFolco Boffin
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Vigo Boffin was a Hobbit who was the only son of Jago Boffin and his unnamed wife. He married an unnamed women and had a son named Folco Boffin.


On October 5, 2990 3A, Vigo fought valiantly in the Battle of Bywater and was slain when he was defending the elderly hobbits. Vigo was considered a "Hero of the Shire".

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