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Hello, Thenorthernman, and welcome, to Lord of the Rings Fanon, the wiki where fan-fiction about the popular film and book series can be written!

Welcome, once again! We hope you enjoy the Project we're seeking to work upon here, and we hope you choose to stay! The Lord of the Rings series is a very popular media series, with a large fanbase, and we hope to add to such a fanbase with a unique brand of fan-fiction and fan support of the series. So, what can be done here?

Fanon - It's fanon! Fanon means that you can complete contradict canon, otherwise it wouldn't be fanon! Fanon that has to fit canon isn't true canon, however proper fanon is welcome here! You can write fan-fiction about any character from your mind, from any era, or even make an alternative or new era of you own!

Make things your own! - We strongly encourage you to, after writing an article, place [[Category:Articles by <insert name here>]] to your articles, so that you and your articles can be easily recognized when others browse. This will also help you to keep track of your articles, but it's not mandatory.

Policies! - Lord of the Rings Fanon strives to maintain a standard of excellence in its articles, and there are a number of policies put in place, so that articles can be better and so unwanted actions (vandalism and such) do not occur. Please follow all of the policies, which can be found here.

Admins! - The admins are always here to help, and have special privelages, such as the ability to protect and delete pages, as well as blocking users, and such, and they're always willing to help. The two admins are Elitolu and Darth tom, who'll be happy to answer your questions, or assist in any way.

Policies Edit

Please categorize your articles War of Resurrection and The Fourth Age (Game) within twenty four hours or they'll be deleted, which none of us want! --Darthtomsig iChat What I've done 12:28, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

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