The One That Starts It All

Hello everyone here on the LOTR Fanon Wiki, and thank you for reading this blog.

Like some of you may have noticed then Fanon Canon-storylines seem to be quite the popular thing, especially if you frequent the anime/manga-part of fan-wikis. Now, I love Tolkien's universe as much as the rest of you people, but there's a reason why so much fanfiction is being written about it over 48 years after his death.

People want more.

And damn it if I don't want to help bring that more into this world! I was, like many others, saddened by the fact that there are far too few books about Middle Earth, fantasy boybands and some tacky, cursed jewelry that a giant, floating eye desires, which is why I wrote this blog.


Let's face it, ladies, when we take away Magneto the rest is kinda hot...

The Saucy Details

Now, like all super awesome and magnificent pieces of art with Elves speaking floaty languages and hugging trees, we need a decent plot for the entire thing.

So, where do we begin with this?

Do we start before the entire War of the Ring began, focusing mainly on the politics and reasons for going into the war for the races that we decide to throw into this pot of mayhem and disaster; do we start after Frodo & Co. have all departed from Arda for Valinor and leaves behind his bromance-interest and fellow war-hobbits? Or, do we just throw all caution to the wind and create a whole new timeline that takes place many, many years before/after the entire plot for Lord of the Rings begin at all?

We have so many possibilities in front of us, and it's only a matter of taking the chances to give it your all, but this is not something that only one or two of the contributers here on the wiki can do. We need the keyboards and minds of all who are willing to give this a go, so take out that PC and tell me what you each think of this!

Like gimli said

just like Gimli says

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