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Group of Uruk-Hai.jpg

Isengard, Mordor


Black Speech, Westron

Average height

Between 5'10-6'1

Skin color


Hair color

Black (usually none)


Tall, powerful, muscular




Uglúk, Shagrat, Murgash, Mauhúr, Lurtz, Lugdush, Gartor, Argdush


The Uruk-hai, sometimes called Black Uruks, were the most feared and formidable race of humanoids that lived in Middle-earth during the Third Age.

Types of UruksEdit

Isengard UruksEdit

The Isengard Uruks were a different breed of Uruk-hai that were created by Saruman the White with some form of alchemy that he learned from Sauron after he served his loyalty to the Dark Lord. During the War of the Ring, the Uruk-hai of Isengard were made up of a large part of Saruman's Army, together with the Dunlendings and Orcs of the White Hand. Saruman's Uruk-hai were depicted as savage and animal-like, often roaring like big cats.

In TA 3003, the Uruk-hai of Isengard were tasked by their creator to hunt the Fellowship and bring the Hobbits, as well as Frodo, alive. The small battalion was led by Lurtz, Uglúk, Mauhúr, and Lugdush.

Mordor UruksEdit

The Mordor Uruks were a different breed of Uruk-hai that were created by Sauron during the Third Age. In the year TA 2475 of the Third Age, the Uruk-hai were created by Sauron and a group of Orcs that used some form of alchemy. The Uruk-hai were tasked to conquer Ithilien and destroy the city of Osgiliath. Together, the Orcs and Uruks in the service of Barad-dûr, the folk of Mordor, used the symbol of the red Eye of Sauron.


Uruk-hai were described as a crossbreed between Orcs and "goblin-men". They were faster, smarter, stronger, and larger than normal Orcs and could travel during the day without being weakened.

Uruk-hai breathed harshly and deeply, and were enormously strong, tense creatures, top-heavy juggernauts with massive chest, neck, shoulder, and jaw development. They snarled and grimaced constantly, as they were in constant pain and their only relief lay in violence. Their gait was like walking uphill on narrow poles, probably because as soon as they were spawned they were locked into heavy plate armor, so there was a perceived sense of crushing weight and momentum to their stride. They had difficulty turning quickly. They used their falchions and spiked shields pretty much interchangeably, smashing and bashing. Their defenses were power blocks - no finesse, no deflections, just brutal chops that could bounce an attacking weapon back the way it came.

Sometimes they didn't even bother to defend themselves; they just relied on their armor and moved straight into the attack. They would hammer and chop, and occasionally flip their swords around and use the back-spike to pinion an enemy, or gut them with the prongs on their shields.

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