Umbraspenn was one of two Dragons sent to the East of Rhûn by Morgoth. He origanaly lived in Mt. Ruin with


his traveling companion Glaciexuris.

Finding a New LairEdit

Early in the Third Age Umbraspenn was forced to leave Dragos Isle after having an argument with Glaciexurus. Deciding to find a new lair closer to the west he disobayed Morgoth's orders and setteled on a lair in the Ash Mountains to the North of Mordor.

Involvement in the War of the RingEdit

Discovery by SauronEdit

Umbraspenn did well consealing himself from others, his only mistake was attacking a small group of Orcs that straied into his hunting grounds. The one survivor, who had fallen behind the others, reported the incident to Sauron who, when the time came to gather his forces, summoned Umbraspenn to him at Barad-dûr.

As a Servant of SauronEdit

After learning of Morgoth's fate, Umbraspenn became one of Sauron's greatest Servants, second only to the Witch King of Angmar. The only reason Umbraspenn didn't out rank all of Sauron's other Servants was his questionable loyalty, but in terms of power he was Sauron's greatest asset.

At the Battle of DaleEdit

Umbarspenn was, in secret, made commander of all of the forces pertisapateing in the Battle of Dale. Sauron was shure of his loyalty in this conflict thanks to the Dwarves collection of treasure, and promised Umbraspenn ownership of the riches of Lonely Mountain.

Since Umbraspenn had fought with Dwarves at the Battle of Unnumbered Tears and beleived that they all were immune to dragonfire, and had heard about the death of Smaug at the hands of the Men of Dale, he commanded from the shadows. He intended to enter the battle when victory was assured, but that never happened, as the Dwarves and Men were able to hold the line at the Gate of Lonely Mountain. Umbraspenn's forces were delt a crippleing blow when Sauron's forces lost the Battle of the Morannon, lowering their moral and leading up to their defeat.

Return to the EastEdit

After the defeat of Sauron and his forces defeat at the Battle of Dale, Umbrespenn fled the West hopeing to avoid a similar fate to that of Sauron from the Men of the Reunited Kingdom. He roamed aimlessly for years, his hatred for the other races growing, untill learning of Aragas, the only kingdom in the Far Eastern Lands. Beleving he could easily destroy a single isolated kingdom he flew off to attack.

The Dragon BattlesEdit

The Battle of Scavaone CitadelEdit

Flying in from the West Umbraspenn attacked the capital directly. His airborn assault's only real resistance came from 21 Men and Elves fireing arrows from the backs of fell beasts. Umbraspenn eventually detected the sent of his old companion Glaciexurus and, figuring things would progress quicker, requested her assistance. He was inraged when Glaciexurus attacked him instead of assisting in Aragas' distruction.

The Battle of the Two Dragons and DeathEdit

Umbraspenn focuesd his attacks on Glaciexurus who was equally as powerful. After many vollys of fire and a forced mateing which was done durring a freefall dive followed by slaming her into the ground in a failed attempt to subdue her, Glaciexurus managed to move the battle over th ocean. Useing abilitys which he had never seen before Glaciexurus wipped up strong winds, and while he was distracted, froze his wings with a mist.

Umbraspenn, no longer able to stay airborn, plummeted into the sea and drown in the waves caused by Glaciexurus' winds.Ixa Stormblade managed to take his bones from the sea for Sakos Flamefist to use in a ritual to summon Morgoth back to Arda.


After his death Glaciexurus became an ally of Aragas, aside from that his only lasting contrabution was fathering Glaciexurus' three offspring; Aduialmîr, Oceanis, and Soulnar.