Haradrim attack Emyn Harad

The Um'Dagar Army attacking the City of Karna

"Son, don't do like we did. Don't start the Harad Wars again."

-Sula'dan to his son on his death bed.

The Um'Dagar TribeEdit

The Haradrim Tribe of Um'Dagar was one of the two greatest tribes of Harad. The Um'Dagar Tribe controlled a fourth of Far Harad and a small seventh of Near Harad. The Warlords(Chiefs) of Um'Dagar were chosen through a series of trials and tests. If more than one of the men succeeded, the Council of Elders would decide who would become the next Warlord. The Warlord would receive the Golden Bow, a bow of great reverence to the people of Um'Dagar. The main city of the Um'Dagar tribe was the Haradrim City of Karna. This was where the Council of Elders met. The Warlord of Um'Dagar would have meetings with other Warlords in Karna

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