Biographical Information
Other namesGoblin Scribe
Date of birthLate-Third Age
Date of deathTA 2941
Physical Description
CultureGoblins of the High Pass
Height4 ft
Hair colorNone
Eye colorBrown
ParentageOgrod (father)
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorRavi Narayan

Ugslap was a Goblin who lived in the Misty Mountains.


Born at an unknown year in the Third Age, Ugslap was one of the illegitimate offspring of Ogrod, King of Goblin-town. After growing up, he became one of the gate-guards at the goblin-gate. In TA 2941, after the Goblins captured Thorin and Company, he attacked Bilbo while he was trying to escape Goblin-town. Just as he jumped on the Hobbit, he fell off the platform with him and they were both knocked out for nearly an hour. While Ugslap was trying to wake up, he was later killed by Gollum.


Ugslap is played by Ravi Narayan.

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