"Ratlin, my friend, I am coming."
―Tolin's last words

Tolin is a Dwarven blacksmith that inhabitated in Thorin's Halls.


He is a close friend with Thorin II Oakenshield. Thorin recuited him, Balin, Dwalin and Ratlin to join his company in The Monger's Inn. Balin and Dwalin joined without hestitation. Ratlin decided to stay and defend the Thorin's halls, so if the Quest failed, they would still have a shelter. Then finally Thorin asked Tolin. Tolin afraid that this was too risky and persuaded everyone not to suicide. But Thorin determined to go and Tolin knew that he couldn't move him anymore. So he forged him a short daggar, which Thorin named it as Daggerlord. Then Thorin departed the next day.

When Dain reclaimed the Lonely Mountain, Roac immediately brought this grateful message to Ratlin and him. They were delighted and thus returned to the Mountain. Wherr they lived there.

Later, Dain appointed him as the Head of King' Forgers, which he led his kinsmen to forge weapons. During the Battle of the Lonely Mountain, he was shot by a Easterling commander and he fell down from the walls to the ground. Ratlin carried his body into the city immediately. He died two weeks after the war.

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