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Theodonem II


Biographical information

Other names
King of Winsdom
King of Rohan
Date of birth
TA 287
Year ascended to the throne
TA 307
Date of death
TA 353
Realms ruled

Physical description

Human culture
6'3 ft
Hair color
Eye color
Theodonem II was a king of Rohan, from the Family of Uoren, born in TA 287, son of king Eradred I and Teara. He was the father of Theroden I of Rohan and Olawyn and died in TA 353.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Theodonem's early life is not very shown. He lost his mother very young, as well as his father, when he was only four years old. Raised by Maethoriel, he learned how to speak Quenyan and Sindarin, how to behave in front of the court and how to fight. He took the whole power of Rohan at the age of twenty, in TA 307, after fourteen years whithout having any access to the throne due to his young age.

Adulthood and death Edit

Theodonem married a young woman from the North called Margrid in TA 309. Loving her more than his own life, he choosed to offer her all things she had. Margrid gave him a son, Theroden, and two years after, a daughter, Olawyn. The birth of her daughter killed her, leaving Theodonem alone to raise his children. People of Paviran rumored that Theodonem hated Olawyn because of the death of her mother, but the king replied that he prefered Olawyn to Theroden because she was weaker. His behaviour toward his son changed with time as he understood that Theroden would prehaps treat his children like he did. The main reason to live for Theodonem was his children. However, after the loss of his son, Theodonem lived in a strong pain. He was called King of Winsdom because of his extreme winsdom toward all situations. The loss of his daughter broke him inside, he tried to raise his grandson until his death in TA 353, after years of pain and loneliness, having the right to see his wife and children again and leaving the throne to Theroden II of Rohan.

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