After the resurection of Skorgrim, the Dourhands (along with their new found allies the Blue-crag Goblins) began to wage war against the Longbeards in small raids all across the Blue Mountain territory. The first truely organized attack Skorgrim launched however was by no means small. Gondamon was located directly in the middle of Ered Luin and was a key position for anyone seeking to control the region. Skorgrim knew that the Longbeards relationship with the elves of southern Ered Luin was diminishing so he exploited it. If the Dourhands took the city then they could keep the Longbeards and the elves from making any sort of alliance and would cause both Durins folk and the elves to be weak against the combined might of Skorgrims new hoard. In the dead of night after months of planning the Dourhands and Blue-crags launched a surprise assault on the walls. Many on both side were slain in the forray and for an hour the battle seemed won in favor of the Dourhands. The Longbeards had been pushed back into the center

siege of Gondamon

courtyard after losing the walls and Skorgrims forces had surrounded them. A desperate fight ensued and one by one the
defenders fell untill only twenty remained, these twenty rallied to Mathi, the lord of Gondamon who stood near the keep. When all seemed lost Eddleton Stonehold of Bree with a small host of men (who had heard of the battle) cut through the enemy lines and drove off the host from the walls. The reinforcements quickly took to the battlements alongside the surviors and against all odds held for nearly two weeks. At dawn on the final day of the assault all that was left of Skorgrims host was unleashed. wave after wave of Goblin, Troll, Dwarf, and near the end even a Drake . By the end of morning the siege was over and the Dourhand forces were decimated. The walls of Gondamon stood strong thanks to the cities brave defenders. 

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