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The Silmarillion is a live-action three-part film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion.

The Films Edit

  • The Silmarillion: The Beginning of Days (working title)
  • The Silmarillion: The Flight of the Noldor (working title)
  • The Silmarillion: The War of Wrath (working title)

Cast Edit

Roles Not Yet Casted Edit

  • TBA as Eru Ilúvatar
  • TBA as Illuv
  • TBA as Manwë 
  • TBA as Ulmo 
  • TBA as Aulë 
  • TBA as Oromë 
  • TBA as Námo 
  • TBA as Irmo 
  • TBA as Tulkas 
  • TBA as Varda
  • TBA as Yavanna
  • TBA as Nienna
  • TBA as Estë
  • TBA as Vairë
  • TBA as Vána
  • TBA as Nessa
  • TBA as Melkor

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