The Red Star Order was an order of five wizards who were created around the time of Saruman's journeys to the eastern lands. The Red Star Order consisted of five wizard apprentices. Maur, Alcarin, Avatan, Vanik, and Endrial.

Summary Edit

The Red Star Order was formed around the year 2000 of the third age. Saruman in the year 1000 of the third age traveled with Alatar and Pallando to the Eastern Lands of Rhun. There in Rhun Saruman gathered men under his banner to learn the dark arts. Saruman was planning on defeating the Wizard Gandalf when he had the chance. Gandalf was earning respect of the people of Middle-earth. Saruman knew something had to be done for he was the leader of the Istari.

Members Edit

Avatan - Avatan was the first member to join The Red Star Order. Saruman discovered him in a temple fighting off ruffians who wanted free hearings and food. Saruman quickly killed the both of them and spoke with Avatan. Being a priest and wise of all the people of Rhun combined, Avatan grew weary and pondered Saruman. But Avatan was also a historian as well and he would have dropped everything to learn about the arts of wizard craft.

Maur - There is not that much known about Maur but we do know that he was the second to join along with his brother Alcarin. Some say that these two are the blue wizards themselves but corrupted by Saruman

Alcarin - Alcarin was the third member to join. Almost nothing is known about him and his brother Maur. Some says that these two are the blue wizards themselves but corrupter by Saruman

Vanik - Vanik was the fourth member to join. Vanik grew up as a hate child meaning that his parents hated him and grew far apart from him. Vanik grew up a angry boy who eventually ran into Saruman. Saruman took him and grew very close with Vanik raising him as almost a son. This was only but his plan. Saruman tought him more than the others of the dark arts of Wizard craft. Eventually Vanik would become the right hand man of Sauron the great dark lord.

Endrial- - Endrial was the last member to join the Red Star Order. He was also the youngest and most proud. He joined and learnt about the craft so he can better the world. Eventually when Saruman ordered him to go to Carn Dûm and work with Agandaûr. When Endrial refused, Saruman banished him from the order and sent him to his death. Endrial escaping death went to Rohanvion. Eventually he went with his adopted son to Arnor in search of the Fellowship that was founded in Rivendell. Sadly he grew too short and died from his wombs after Saruman sent Black Númenórean assassins after him.

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