I'm kinda new to this Wiki, so if you think this page could do better, contact me. This is sorta based on Battle for Middle Earth III, and is about the abandoned sequel to LOTR that Tolkien thought about.


Forces of LightEdit

Reunited Kingdom



The Shire


Iron Hills (Expansion only)

Arnor (Expansion only)

Forces of DarkEdit

Cult of Sauron






Exiles of Umbar (Expansion only)

Dunland (Expansion only)


Reunited KingdomEdit


Eldarion Telcontar (Melee hero, can heal other units, regenerates hit points, mounts and dismounts horse)

Prince Elendil (Melee hero, regenerates hit points, basically weaker form of Eldarion)

Steward Elboron II (Toggle between bow and sword, regenerates hit points)


Minas Tirith Infantrymen (10 per company, melee units)

Minas Tirith Archers (10 per company, archer units)

Minas Tirith Knights (5 per company, cavalry units)

Citadel Guard (10 per company, melee units that regenerate)

Citadel Archers (5 per company, archer units that regenerate)

Fountain Court Guard (10 per company, melee units)

Lossarnach Axemen (5 per company, melee units)

Dol Amroth Knights (10 per company, cavalry units that regenerate)

Ithilien Rangers (5 per company, regenerate, toggle between bow and sword)

Trebuchet (Siege unit)


Town Center (Trains citizens)

White Barracks (Trains melee units)

Archery Range (Trains Minas Tirith Archers and Rangers)

Stable (Trains cavalry units)

Armoury (Upgrades unit armour)

House (Provides population room)

Citadel (Trains Citadel Guard, Trebuchet, and Heroes)

Watch Tower (Tower that fires arrows at nearby enemies, fires faster with archers inside)

Farm (Resource collector)

Hall of Healing (Heals units inside)

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