The Lord of the Rings: An Off Onslaught is the second installment of the second series of games in the LOTR trilogy. This game is off the book version. In the beginning of the game, A dark lord known as Vordur Hand-created a grey ring,holding an uncontrollable power and it is up to Vordur to kill all foes to end the threats of the world.


Described of the game, the player will play as Vordur using his new grey ring that has an uncontrollable power as they need to kill all enemies,thus ending the threats of the world.In this game, the developers will add a new feature;The Wrath of the Ring,To unleash this mode the player needs to fill the Ring Bar with enough combo scores,after that hold X+O in the PSP version or + in the Tablet version and the character's striking images will turn into Grey fire-like auras coated over the usual striking images, and they will attack with lightning-fast combos, thus dealing twice as much damage.In this game, the character has a new weak attack that deals tiny damage and cannot be cancelled from enemies, and a fierce attack, in which deals much more damage,but is much more slower than the weak attack.As for enemies, they are now able to command various enemies to attack the character. However, they attack just identical to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.


Main Weapon Dagger-A general weak weapon, has weak dealing in damage and has tiny dexterity for the character.

DLC Weapon Nemesis Scythe-An extremely uncontrollable weapon, has a payload of mannuel dealing in damage and has unlimited dexterity for the character.


Weak Enemies

Fierce Enemies

Boss Enemies


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