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Harad Army

The Haradrim Armies

 "What were the Harad Wars, you ask? It was the only war that Middle-Earth didn't care about." 

- Gandalf to a curious Hobbit after the Hobbit asked about it.

The Beginning of the WarEdit

The Harad Wars began in the very beginning of the Fourth Age. It was fought between the various tribes of Harad, mostly the tribe of Um'Dagar and the tribe of Da'Sagar. The Warlord of each tribe held meetings with the Warlords of the other tribes to drag their tribe into the Wars, on one side, or the other. The Warlord of Um'Dagar, Sula'dan, was a great archer. He was in possession of the Golden Bow, a bow that was revered and passed down to every new leader of the Um'Dagar. Sula'dan hated Geti'Sue, the leader of the Haradrim tribe of Da'Sagar. The Wars began at the Battle of Karna at the Haradrim city of Karna in Near Harad. Sula'dan and Geti'Sue personally faced off in a long duel, stopped only when Geti'Sue was hit in the arm by arrow and Sula'dan was thrown into the arms of men by Geti'Sue. Geti'Sue and Sula'dan both ordered their men to withdraw from the battle, with the City of Karna in ruins. This was the beginning of the Harad Wars.

The Battle of Nafarat (The Great Desert)Edit

Main Article: The Battle of Nafarat

After the Battle of Karna, each side withdrew to their land, with the City of Karna being a self established border. Sula'dan trained Oliphants to participate in the War, with archers atop of them. Geti'Sue trained warriors with long spears and shields to counter the Oliphants. So Sula'dan trained swordsman to counter the spearmen. Soon, the two armies, along with the tribes that were their allies, met at the edge of Nafarat, the Great Desert. At this time, a faction against this foolish war sprang up. It called itself the Haradrim Army, a huge army that out numbered both of the armies. The Haradrim Army decided to hide in the sand near the battlefield. Their plan was to attack both armies right when the battle started. The two armies met each other right where the Haradrim Army thought they were going to be. Then the battle started. The Haradrim Army sprang up and got both sides to agree to a temporary peace treaty.

An Official PeaceEdit

Soon after the Battle of Nafarat, the Haradrim Army forced the two tribes and their allies into an Official Peace Treaty, once again uniting the land of Haradwaith since they were held by the Dark Lord Sauron. Later, some of the warriors in the Um'Dagar Army would ask the leaders of the Haradrim Army why they didn't seek help from the northern Free-Peoples. They would say, "Because they didn't care."

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