The Firstborn
The Firstborn

Arda, Subterranean Arda


Common/Westron, Sindarin, Quenya, Fiendish, Drow

Average height

Varies greatly

Skin color

Varies greatly

Hair color

Varies greatly


Varies greatly

The Firstborn are a collection of three different races that sided with Morgoth in his campaign against Eru Ilúvatar. After the defeat of their leader the Firstborn races in Middle Earth went into hiding all over the continent until the beginning of Sauron's attempt at conquering Middle Earth. While their numbers were greater than those of the Last Alliance their hordes were still driven to defeat after Isildur cut off the One Ring from Sauron's finger. As of now, all of the three Firstborn races have now revealed their existence; those three races being the Drow, the Avariel and the Tieflings.

History Edit

Appearance Edit

Avariel Edit

To be written...

Drow Edit

Drow are easily spotted by those living on the surface due to their dark skin, the colors varying from light gray to stark black, and their fine, silvery white hair. Their stature is much smaller than that of other Elves, giving off a misleadingly fragile appearance to those not very familiar with the race. The colors of their eyes varies between red, purple, silver and gold, with only half-breeds having either blue, green or brown eyes. The drow are, like many of the other races of Elves, unnaturally graceful, and possess an almost otherworldly, ethereal aura. The biggest drawback for the drow, though, are their inability to see well on the surface during the hours of the day. Drow are born in the familiar darkness of the subterranean world they were banished to, and are therefore hypersensitive to practically every physical sense. Their hearing is much sharper than that of an Elf from the surface world, and the same can be said for their touch, and their ability to see in the dark world they inhabit. However, the light from the sun can easily blind the even more sensitive eyes that a drow possesses, something that can be prevented by either hooded cloaks, or spells.

Tiefling Edit

Tieflings tend to superficially resemble their mortal parent or parents, but they always hold some indicator of their fiendish heritage - some less prominent, some more. For some, this is as minor as small horn-nubs or rough skin. Others hold goat-like legs or feathers in place of hair. Horns and tails of all sorts are common, as are pointed ears, and those with unnatural tones tend to have skin in shades of red or orange and eyes of white or black. While most tieflings are born with their fiendish features, others don't receive them for many years after birth - most commonly puberty in this case, but rarely at other times - appearing wholly mortal to all observations before that point.

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