The Empire of Dovah Series is a fanfiction Series that is divided into four parts: Rise of Darkness, Doomed to Darkness, Fall of the North and Return of the Lord. Sauron finds new allies in the North, the Dovah Empire had immigrated from the West and landed in Forodwaith during the Mid-Second Age and by the first few Hundred Years of the Third Age had grown their territory into the Grey Mountains of the Dwarves, their Capital was Brom Zoor and was mounted upon the second largest mountain opposite the Throat of the World: the largest Mountain in the northern Grey Mountains and largest Mountain in the Withered Heath.

Seasons and ArcsEdit

Rise of DarknessEdit

Main article: Rise of Darkness (TEDS)

Doomed to DarknessEdit

Main article: Doomed to Darkness (TEDS)

Fall of the NorthEdit

Main article: Fall of the North (TEDS)

Return of the LordEdit

Main article: Return of the Lord (TEDS)



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