The Dragonborn Series takes place during the three main movies, long ago there was a race that lived in harmony with Dragons: looking human but taking on the soul power and blood of Dragons, these Dragonborn were each bound to a Dragon and together they guided the world into a united peace. Despite this however the Age of the Rings came and the Dragonborns sought and created their own Rings, a Prophecy was made and Two Rings born, only one was bared and fought for Sauron while in the same Age when the Dragonborns had become almost extinct.


Fellowship of DespairEdit

Main article: Fellowship of Despair (TDS)

Time has passed since the defeat of Sauron at the foot of Mount Doom but his allies are forever active, a new Dragonborn in Centuries has fled to the Shire with its still young Dragon as the Armies of Mordor become active once again, young Elpis fears and flees the wings of "Dragon God of Destruction" and its Dragonborn: Alduin and Despar. Elpis soon gets caught up in the Fellowship of the Ring, but soon finds that this choice and others, is leading him closer to those he flees from - closer to the people his strength is meant to redeem.

Twin Towers of DeathEdit



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