The Curse of the Broken Oath was a curse ordered by Manwë on Feanor and his sons and their descents after the broken oath. The only one who always knew this curse was Cirdan, informing Malgor about the possible continuation of Maedhros' descents, following the Rebelion of Noldor. In the middle of TA, Maethoriel and Maglor ended this curse by killing a fullgrown Balrog, which offered them to resurect a person from their choice.

General informations Edit

Main informations Edit

The curse of the Broken Oath consits in killing the first born child of each descents of Feanor's children at anytime, by anything. The curse can also apply to the second child of the family or, at least, the youngest one.

Victims Edit

Maedhros' descents : Edit

Eglerion Maedhrosion - Eldest son of Maedhros : Dead by getting shot by an arrow at the age of 600.

Miriel Calminaioniel - Only daughter of Estelwen : Dead by getting shot by an arrow in the heart at the age of 73.

Veryan Vanimonion - Eldest son of Carnadhiel : Dead at the War of Silence at the age of 540.

Valaina Vaeriliel - Second daughter of Vaeril : Dead by getting shot by an arrow at the age of 507.

Finror Legolasion - Eldest son of Legolas and Maethoriel : Dead by getting hurt by giant spiders at the age of 25.

Maglor's descents Edit

Elros Tar-Minyatur : He is not supposed to figure on this list but his choice made Cirdan think that it was a part of the curse.

Arwen Undomiel - Youngest daughter of Elrond. Dead by grief after Aragorn II Elessar's death at thea ge of 2901.

Exceptions Edit

Some exceptions can be made for some cases. For exemple, Valaina was told like to be useless for the future of Ailinosto and was killed in the war. Finror was not the eldest son of Maethoriel but was killed anyway ( still relieved after his mother's sacrifice for him ). For Maglor's descents, the exception is even bigger because Arwen was not the eldest child of Elrond.

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