The Capture of the Black Gate was a battle which took place in the year 2 of the Third Age. It consisted of the men of Gondor invading the Black gate of Mordor in an attempt to gain a strategic advantage over the armies of Mordor.

War Of The Third Age
Part of The Great Wars of the Ring
The Black Gate
Date: April 3- May 1 Year 2 of the Third Age
Location: The Black Gate of Mordor
Result: Control of the Black Gate by the men of Gondor
Casus belli: {{{casus}}}
Territory changes: Loss of territory for orc armies
Gondor Orcs
Isildur Gilaktud
14,000 (3000 Calvalry, 1000 archers, 10000 foot soldiers) 34,000
Light: 1000-2000 Medium: 15000-20000. The rest of the army retreated.

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