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'The Adventures of a Hobbit: The Journey Begins is the film adaption of the classic book sold in 2010 The Adventures of a Hobbit and is the first film of 3 movies starring Andrew Garfield as Mermiach Hamwich

Plot Edit

The plot will be simular to the book but with a few minor changes

Known Cast membersEdit

Andrew Garfield as Mermiach Hamwich

Benjamin Barnes as Eärendur Eärfalas

Ralph Fiennes as Findecáno Elensar

James McAvoy as Lenwë Pallanén

Michel Fassbender as Golradir Telrúnya

Natalie Portman as Nienna Elensar

Colin Firth as The Corrupted King

Rhys Ifans as Older Mermiach Hamwich

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Gerbulas Hamwich

Josh Hutcherson as Bolo Hamwich

Differences from the bookEdit

Gerbulas and Bolo do not make an appearence until the end of the book but in the film they are right at the start where there father is telling them there adventures

Mermiach doesn't agree to the adventure until the next day

In the ambush of the Orcs scene, Mermiach isn't knocked unconsious but fights back but fails and is saved by Nienna


  • Peter Jackson is making the film into 3-parts because he wants to include all the details from the book
  • It recieved an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes
  • Natalie Portman and Josh Hutcherson are the only non-British actors in this film
  • LEGO sets based off the film will be released in 2015
  • The 2nd movie is titled The Adventures of a Hobbit: Rise of the Elves and is scheduled to release in 2015
  • The 3rd movie is titled The Adventures of a Hobbit: The Civil War and is scheduled to release in 2016
  • Howard Shore returns for the music 

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