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Théoden Ednew1
Théoden Ednew
Biographical Information
Other namesHorsemaster
TitleKing of Rohan, Lord of the Mark, Lord of Rohan, Lord of the Rohirrim, Lord of the House of Eorl, Lord of the Golden House
LanguageRohirric, Westron, Sindarin
Date of birthTA 2932
Year ascended to the throneTA 2964
Date of deathMarch 15, TA 3003
Physical Description
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorLight
FamilyHouse of Eorl
ParentageThengel & Morwen
SpouseElfhild Ednew
ChildrenThéodred & Idis Ednew
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorBernard Hill

Théoden Ednew, also known as King Théoden, was the seventeenth King of Rohan, and last of the Second Line of the royal house of Eorl.

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