Tel mithryn
Tel Mithryn
Background information
Type Fortress of Orfang
Location A few miles away from Caras Galadhon
Realms Lothlórien
Founded/Built First Age ?
Ruler Orfang
Other Information
Summary A large mushroom tower which was grown and nurtured by Orfang himself.
Other names Marto Hwan, Elden Root
Inhabitants One Wizard, one Men apprentice, several Elven servants
Spoken languages Westron, Sindarin
Lifespan First Age ? - Fourth Age ?

Tel Mithryn, also known as Elden Root is a Fortress in Lothlórien built by the wizard Orfang. Tel Mithryn is very unique because it's a fortress that was grown, instead of built. Tel Mithryn was grown from a special fungus spore and was nurtured by Orfang himself.

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