Hriwë/Rhïw of TA 240 ( Winter TA 240 ) : Theodwyn of Paviran was born in Rohan 

Tuilë/Ethuil of TA 240 ( Spring TA 240 ) : Maethoriel Yendësirya was born in Audulë, Ailinosto, to Vaeril and Caladwen.

Yávië/ Iavas of TA 240 ( Autumn TA 240 ) : Luthien Eldothiagel was born in the Woodland Realm, Mirkwood, to Thranduil and Calathiel.


Early Tuilë/Ethuil of TA 240 ( Spring TA 240 ) : Peace is officialy settled between dwares of Moria and Ailinosto.

Laïre/Laer of TA 240 ( Spring TA 240 ) : The union is settled between Mirkwood and Ailinosto by the future union between Legolas Greenleaf and Maethoriel Vaeriliel.

Departures Edit

Quellë/Firith of TA 240 ( Fading of TA 240 ) : Calathiel's departure to Dargolad

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