Sovereign Troll is a term used for a large group of Troll or orc like humanoid beasts free of the control of Sauron. The "trolls" were encountered by Gandalf, who killed three of them until realising thy weren't attacking. The trolls are normally peaceful towards most creatures other than minions of the Eye.

Sovereign Troll's are also extremely primitive, and fight with clubs or stone hammers and sometimes larger trolls throw rocks. Their culture is focused largely on pack mentality.

Physique and Characteristics Edit

Sovereign Trolls stand roughly nine to twelve feet tall, often muscular and have large pointed, bat-like ears. There arms are rather large, and they have very long, crooked teeth. Many of the mountain trolls have developed long white hair that molts brown in the spring and summer.

Cave and plains trolls have pale white to dark skin and have no hair whats so ever. Most Troll tribes are far apart and spread out, and have been at war for many years. Despite this, they number in the millions, and elf and man are very thankful they haven't unified.

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