Sol'us was a dragon in the Fourth Age and a creator of magical artifacts.

Appearance Edit

Sol'us was a large black dragon with orange scales scattered about his body and two massive orange wings. His horns were broken off as a result of a fight with a older dragon. He wears a large set of Mithril that contains his built-up magical energies.


Early LifeEdit

So'lus was born just outside Mordor in a large clutch of eggs and fought his way out of it by killing his clutchmates with his bare claws. He then flew to a cave nearby Gondor and turned the natural Mithril deposits into a armor to channel his natural magic, creating his first artifact. He then dug a massive tunnel network that would later become known as "Sol'us's Fort" and invited the Dwarves to it as a gesture of friendship.

The FurnaceEdit

So'lus's most dangerous creation was The Furnace, a giant fire pit surrounded by runes that provided a massive amount of magical energy drained from Surcu the first Balrog. This drew the attention of every Magic-User in Middle Earth and began the Furnace Wars until Bakhira himself smote the Furnace with Sol'us's aid.

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