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Skirmish near Rivendell

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Skirmish near Rivendell
Skirmish near Rivendell1
Conflict: Dark Wars
Date: 2937 3A
Place: Near Rivendell
Outcome: Dúnedain and Imladra victory
Eriador Mordor
Lord Elrond
Halbaron Stormdell
Elladan and Elrohir
Morannon orc chieftain†
1000 Half-elven warriors
500 Northern Rangers
700 Morannon orcs
300 Wargs
12 Hill trolls
Light Heavy

A Skirmish took place near Rivendell when a small battalion of Morannon orcs, along with 300 Wargs and 12 Hill trolls, led an attack on Rivendell.

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