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Skirmish in the Woodland Realm
Skirmish in the Woodland Realm1
Elven Guards preventing Thorin and Company from escaping before the skirmish begins
Conflict: Dark Wars
Date: 2941 3A
Place: Woodland Realm
Outcome: Elven victory
Woodland Realm Dol Guldur
Thorin Oakenshield
50 Elven Guards
30 Elven Archers
13 Dwarves, 24 Humans, and one Hobbit of Thorin and Company
200 Gundabad orcs
15 Elven Guards
10 Elven Archers
170 Gundabad orcs

The Skirmish in the Woodland Realm was when Bolg led a group of 200 Gundabad orcs to attack Thorin and Company.

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