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Silenn, Riften

A common house, with one of the entrances to the warrens below it and a bridge over the canal nearby.

Silenn is a large town to the North-East of Bree and North-West of Rivendell. It also serves as the main setting of The Hunt.

Layout Edit

Silenn is comprised of mostly wood buildings with a few stone buildings. It is built above a layer known as the warrens - a network of tunnels comprised of sewers, old basements and houses, storage space and a few shops. Running through the city is a canal, often used for small fishing boats. To the North is a large lake, with a few small islands close to the shore.

History Edit

The town of Silenn has never been officially recognised by any of the cities or Kingdoms of Middle-Earth, but instead simply grew from a small settlement created by a small family into a large village and then town. However, most of the scholars living there agree that it was founded when the Silenn family moved there, in the Third Age 2567. The family began by building a small wooden house close to the lake, in which they lived together. However, as time progressed they expanded with stone houses

Important Characters Edit

  • Drunst Steel-Heart - The Captain of the Guard who sends out a request for mercenaries to help
  • Ardulae - A Drow Ambassador sent to help find the orcs
  • Antaonar - Ardulae's bodyguard and a Drow commander
  • Abepecian - The Chief Rider of Silenn

Important Locations Edit

  • The Mended Lute - This is the inn in which the RP of The Hunt starts and where Drunst, Ardulae and Antaonar first meet.
  • The Council House - A large hall in which all important meetings and speeches are held.

Trivia Edit

  • The appearance is largely based of Riften (from the game of Skyrim), and the majority of images were found by searching Riften art.
  • The Mended Lute is a reference to Discworld's inn, The Mended Drum.

Gallery Edit

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