The Kingdom of Rohan (officially)" The Kingdom of Rohan (officially)" Faramir, Prince of Ithillien" Faramir, Prince of Ithillien"
Siege of Minas Morgul
Part of Campaigns of King Elessar
Charge of the Orcs
Date: March 11, 3021 TA - March 18, 7 FA
Location: Minas Morgul, Ithillien, Gondor
Result: Gondorian victory, fall of Minas Morgul
Casus belli: Morgul resistance to gondorian rule
Territory changes: Minas Morgul annexed to the Reunified Kingdom
The Reunified Kingdom

The Kingdom of Rohan (officially)

Minas Morgul
Elessar I Telecontar (as commander-in-chief)

Faramir, Prince of Ithillien

3,000 gondorian troops 1,000 Orcs

500 Evil men

143 Killed and wounded 1,100 Killed and wounded

400 Prisonners of war

The Siege of Minas Morgul, also known as the Morgul Blockade, was the last great battle against the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron and the Kingdom of Gondor and its allies. The siege commenced shortly after the Battle of the Morannon when a minor detachment of the gondorian army lead by Steward Faramir marched from Minas Tirith to clear out the remains of the hosts of Mordor from the once great gondorian city of Minas Ithil.

Due to the remaining evil of Minas Morgul the steward, upon king Elessar I Telecontar's insistence, did however never attempt to attack the disorganized orcs and evil men remaining in Minas Morgul. Instead the gondorians opted to fortify themselves outside the valley of Minas Morgul, in later stages of the siege even occupying Cirith Ungol thus completely blocking the forces of Minas Morgul from the outside world.

For seven years the forces of Gondor, which at no point of time consisted of more then a few thousand troops of Ithillien under the prince Faramir, besieged a gradually decaying Minas Morgul according to the orders of King Elessar that no man should set foot upon the evil place for seven years after the fall of the Nazgul. Near the end of the siege the amount of troops deployed by Gondor dramatically decreased as resistance from the feeble remains of the Morgul host collapsed making the siege little more then a formality to prevent gondorian citizens to enter the haunted Minas Morgul.

On the newyear of the seventh year of the Fourth Age, king Elessar declared the siege of Minas Morgul, in effect not a siege for four years, for over, entering the city with Queen Arwen and many of the highborn lords and ladies of Gondor. In the city numerous ancient relics from Gondor's golden age was recovered, many of which would serve to hasten the reconstruction of the Reunified Kingdom. Minas Morgul was subsequently turned into a military district under the command of Faramir who was tasked with preparing the restructuring of the city.