Salame is one of the top Hasharin assassins in Harad, and perhaps one of the few females allowed to fight. While she holds beauty which belies her murderous attitude, deep inside she is a very troubled woman.

During the War of the RingEdit

Saleme and a few others lead an assault upon a quiet town of Upbourn, slaying many Rohirrim Riders as well as the guards. She also participated in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, notably having a brief duel with Eowyn before she and the rest of the Harad fled when the Army of the Dead arrived.

The AftermathEdit

Still as crafty and cunning as ever, Saleme has made a few attempts on King Elessar's life as once depicted in Frodo's Revenge. Upon every attempt she usually ends up in failure, mainly due to the interference from the rest of the Fellowship- in particular Pippin, who has grown quite fond of her behavior despite being bitter enemies with her.



Like the other Hasharin tribeswomen, Saleme possesses feminine wiles which can catch a Man off guard as well as setting up some farfecthed traps which usually poison rather than cripple. But Saleme's true skill belies in her swift handling with a pair of curved blades that can also be thrown to slice multiple opponents at once. Those skills are used many time, including her fights with the Fellowship.


Because of her Haradrim heritage, Saleme is black-haired and dark-skinned along with a pair of glowing gold eyes. Her hair is usually tyed in pigtails. As for the attire, she usually wears light-weighted clothing for maximum movement and would wear more elegant clothing for only special occassions. All in all, she is not without a veil which usually covers her mouth and nose.

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