Sack of Erebor
Smaug attacking Dale
Smaug attacking the city of Dale.
Conflict: Dark Wars
Date: TA 2880
Place: Dale & Erebor
Outcome: Smaug takes over Erebor
King Thrór
Lord Girion
15,000 Dwarves
8000 Northmen
1 Dragon
5000 Dwarves & 3000 Northmen (both military and civilian) None
Dark Wars

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The Sack of Erebor occurred when Smaug attacked the Lonely Mountain and drove the Dwarves of Erebor from their capital.



After the slaying of King Dáin I outside his halls at the conclusion of the War of the Dwarves and Dragons, the new King, Thrór, and his brother Grór abandoned the Grey Mountains for safer dwellings with most of their subjects. The king went to the Lonely Mountain (former seat of the Durin's throne), and Grór to the primary source of the Longbeards' iron supply, the Iron Hills. Over the years the Dwarves of Erebor gained great renown throughout Middle-earth for the splendor of their halls, craftsmanship, and great stores of wealth. Word eventually reached Smaug the dragon, one of the great fire drakes who now dwelled in the Grey Mountains, who in his lust for treasure desired to take the mountain.

The Sacking BeginsEdit

One night in TA 2880, Smaug descended upon the mountain in flames, catching the Dwarves and Northmen of Dale off guard. Before he raided the mountain, Smaug attacked Dale whose warriors were all called to arms, and destroyed most of them. Then, he moved towards the mountain and prepared to engage the Dwarves that were in battle positions. The Dwarf warriors of the mountain came out of the great gate to engage the dragon, but many were slaughtered during the terrible firestorm. Afterwards, he piled up all the gold within the mountain and made it his dwelling, emerging only ever so often to eat maidens from Dale which eventually caused its abandonment.


Dwarf Escape

The surviving Dwarves escape Erebor after Smaug took over the Lonely Mountain.

In the end, the Kingdom of Erebor was taken by Smaug and more than 5000 Dwarves and 3000 Northmen (both military and civilian) were killed in the deadly firestorm that Smaug committed. King Thrór himself along with his son Thráin II barely escaped out of the secret entrance. Most of the surviving Dwarves who escaped the firestorm fled to the Iron Hills to seek refuge.

With his family and a small company of followers, the King went into a homeless wandering southward but not before cursing Smaug. It would be over sixty years before Thrór's grandson Thorin Oakenshield would return to the mountain and reclaim his home, as well as the treasure.


Dwarves defending Erebor

Thráin and Thorin leading a large force of Dwarves to defend their kingdom from Smaug.

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