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Rufus Burrows was the husband of Asphodel Burrows and the father of Milo Burrows.


On September 5, 2990 3A, Rufus and his family were enslaved by the Ruffians led by Bill Ruffin. A month later, he participated in the Battle of Bywater where he and many hobbits rebelled against the local criminals when Gandalf arrived. He survived the battle alongside his wife and attended the funeral to the victims that were slain in the battle.

Later on September 12, 3001 3A, Rufus attended Bilbo's Farewell Birthday Party. When Sauron returned and was preparing to unleash darkness throughout Middle-earth, Rufus' son and daughter-in-law joined the Shire Company. Rufus didn't think it was wise, but he promised his son that he would look after his grandchildren incase if they struggled.

At the end of the war against Sauron, Rufus and his wife mourned the lost of their son and were among those that attended the funeral to the ones that fought valiantly against the forces of evil. Rufus lived on throughout the Fourth Age and passed away on 150 4A.

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