Ruby Baggins
Biographical Information
Other namesRuby Bolger
Date of birthTA 2900
Date of deathTA 2932
Physical Description
FamilyBaggins family/Bolger family
ParentageRudibert Bolger and Amethyst Bolger
SiblingsAdalbert Bolger
SpouseFosco Baggins
ChildrenDora, Drogo, Dudo
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
"I never forgot about Ruby Baggins. She was a very kind, noble, and brave woman."
―Bilbo remembering Ruby

Ruby Baggins, born Ruby Bolger, was a beautiful Hobbit who lived in the Shire during the Third Age.


Born in 2900 3A, Ruby was the daughter of Rudibert Bolger and Amethyst Bolger. Considered to be kind, noble, and brave, she would sometimes carry a knife as a weapon incase if she ran into trouble. After turning 12, Ruby was involved in the Battle of the Shire when a colony of Goblins were attacking the borders of the Shire. While a number of children were been evacuated, Ruby was the only one who participated in the battle and survived. Married to Fosco Baggins, she was the mother of Dora, Drogo, and Dudo Baggins. She died from childbirth, after giving birth to her daughter Dora.

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