Rorofin Stiebellsword was the captain of Gondor for twenty years during the tenth age.

Gondor gibaive


Rorofin was known for his bravery in battle, and was very cruel to soldiers who refused to fight. He is known as an idiot when he fought the almighty Bakhira for land, even though Bakhira was a basic friendly.

"Surrender now, great dragon! And I will not hurt you."

— Rorofin fighting Bakhira

Rorofin needed space to launch and attack, and so fought Bakhira the almighty dragon. Even though he didn't stand a chance, Rorofin stabbed Bakhiras leg, before being tossed 10 metres back and then burned.

Rorofin was often called " Rorofin the vain" as he was very full of himself.

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