Rohan(Rohirric: Riddermark, Sindarin: Rohan) is a constitutional monarchy situated in central western coast of Middle Earth. It borders Isengard and Dunland to the west, Lorien to the north, Mordor to the east, and Gondor (modern Endor) to the south. Its southwest neighbour is the Druwaith

The earliest known inhabitants of Rohan were the Pukael (or Drúedain), who were later displaced by Calenardhons and those by the incoming Rohirrim

Rohan is the key ally of Gondor, although current politics in the Kingdom prefer a neutral isolationist stance.

Etymology Edit

From Rochannd

History Edit

Geography Edit

The Ered Nimrais (White mountains) form a large part of the common border with Gondor. It the dales of the White mountains, most of the Rohirrim cites can be found.

The eastern border is formed by the course of the central Anduin, the northern border with Lórien is the course of the Limlight.

The southern reaches of the Hitheglir form a border with Dunland, although no border crossing exists there, as the mountains are to high.

The "Gap of Rohan" acts a watershed divide between the Anduin and Angren basins. The westernmost parts of the country in the Angren basins.

The largest Rohirrim national park Fangorn Forest, in the northwestern part of the country.

Politics Edit

Military and Foreign Policy Edit

Economy Edit

Demographics Edit

The population of Rohan consists of some 650 000 people, most of whom live in the vales of the White Mountains. A vast majority (79%) are Rohirrim (513 000). The largest minority in Rohan are the Dunledings, numbering some 51 000 (9%),who illegally migrating into Rohan.

The Healfbloodas (42 000) make another 6%.

The original inhabitants of the land, known as Calenardhoni, number 21 000, and make 3%. Smaller communities include Gondorians (10000), Dúnedain (5000), Easterlings (5 000) and Púkael (4000).

According to global human rights organizations, minorities apart of the Gondorians and Dúnedain face severe persecution (mostly the Dunledings), and are a subject to discrimination.

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