Rhun Map
Background information
Type Continent/Region
Location East of the Westlands
Realms Dorwinion, Khand
Other Information
Other names The Eastlands, Palisor
Inhabitants Easterlings, Dwarves
Spoken languages Languages of the Easterlings, Khazdul

The Continent of Rhûn is a large landmass located east of the Sea of Rhûn. To the east of Rhûn, near to where men awoke, is the Orocarni of which is flowing with gold and other precious minerals and is home to 4 Dwarvern Clans and allegedly dragons, of which had traveled east from the Withered Hearth to seek out the riches mined in the Red Mountains.

Realms of the Easterlings Edit

  • Dorwinion - A land known for its wine gardens that lays beside the Sea of Rhûn
  • Khand - A land flowing with trade from all round the world and is home to the Variag Horsemen.

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