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The Shai-Vanan were a race of powerful spirits that inhabited Middle-Earth before, during and after the rise and fall of Morgoth, the rise of Sauron and the War of the Ring. They were neutral in most affairs of the world and would only interfere with others to preserve the balance of nature and the Music of the Ainur. Being secretive and mysterious things, the Shai-Vanan were rarely seen by the races of the world, as of yet only Tom Bombadil has seen them and their presence is often explained as earthquakes and other common phenommena. The Shai-Vanan are the most ancient of the beings of Arda and they will play a great role in the rebuilding of the world after the Final Shadow.

Awakenings In the Times of MusicEdit

The Shai-Vanan awakened in the Times of Music shortly after Iluvatar created Arda, sung into existnce by the Ainur. Eru, not yet bearing the desire to create races of his own seeded Middle-Earth with the spirits.

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