Biographical Information
Other namesNone
Title2nd swords man of Rivendell's fifth elite
LanguageSylvan elvish and Sindarin
Date of birth~ TA 1000
Date of deathTA 1566
WeaponryWooden spears
Physical Description
RaceElf, Teleri
Height6'1 ft
Hair colorDark blonde
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorPale
ParentageRangers of Rivendell ( deceased )
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
Raina was an elf from Rivendell, sent in a patrol next to Mordor. She was kept in Mordor for hundred years until escaping from the halls of Minas Morgul with Finris. She died in TA 1566 during the burial of the prince Finror of Mirkwood.

Biography Edit

Early years Edit

Raina was born and raised in Rivendell in a family of rangers, personnal gards of Elrond. Her story before her days in Mordor are not shown, she just tells that she was a maiden under the rule of Elrond, following Arwen as a personnal servant. In TA 1125, she chooses to travel to Mordor with a patrol to psy the invaders and is caught by orcs who throw her in a prison with her younger brother Veassen.

Captivity Edit

Raina is left in a cell with a group of elves of her patroll, ready to be killed by orcs. Under the torture, she refuses to say anything. Veassen is taken away by Finris who executes him under his father's order ( Veassen is the one who told Finris that he had a pure heart ).

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