Radagag, or formerly Mullog, is a character from The Hobbit Roleplay on the Lego Messageboards. He is a gollum-like character who used to be a dwarf. He rides on a warg named Prince Ryker, who found the ring before gollum, had it longer than him, kept it secret every second, and dropped it in the river after discovering its horrors. He tried convincing Gollum that it wasnt a good idea to go after the ring and Bilbo Baggings, but gollum convinced him to go after the ring, and kill Bilbo Baggings at all cost. He joined the Wargs, and their leader, Prince Ryker, gave him a ride back. Afterwards, Radagag adopted Ryker, and uses him for battle. In the upcomming story, Infernos of Radagag, he will star, putting hobbiton of fire searching for bilbo. ITS ME RADAGAG. IF YOU DONT WANT TO GET HURT, GIMME BAGGINGSES!!!! im so glad i was back...i cant believe he tricked me into giving him typing lessons!

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