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Ponto Baggins II was a Hobbit of the Shire. He was the older brother of Porto and Peony Baggins, and the father of Angelica Baggins.


Battle of BywaterEdit

Considered to be very handsome, Ponto was very keen on farming and doing sword fighting like several hobbits. During the Battle of Bywater, Ponto and his brother fought against the Ruffians that were trying to take power and wealth from the Shire. Ponto, Porto, and Peony survived the devastating battle.

Later in 2980 3A, Ponto had a wife and gave birth to a daughter named Angelica on the 1st day of January, 2981 3A.

War of the RingEdit

On September 12, 3001, Porto Baggins II, and his family attended Bilbo's Farewell Birthday Party. After Bilbo left the Shire, Ponto attended Frodo's birthday on the 22nd of September.

After Frodo left the Shire and traveled to Rivendell where he would soon join the Fellowship of the Ring, Ponto and his brother received word from Will Whitfoot, the Mayor of Michel Delving, about an upcoming evil that was about to spread throughout the world. Ponto believed that all life in the Shire would die and volunteered to join the Shire Company, a small military force of 800 Hobbits that have answered. He was not pleased when his daughter volunteered as well.

Near the end of the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Ponto and the company joined forces with an army of Atani from Dale, Dwarves from Erebor, and the Elves from Mirkwood in defeating the forces of Mordor while Aragorn II Elessar, Legolas, and Gimli led the Army of the Dead. After the battle ended, Ponto volunteered in gathering the wounded.

Upon arriving at the Black Gate, Ponto was among those that witnessed the Mouth of Sauron reveal Frodo's mithril vest. After the Mouth of Sauron met his end by Aragorn, Ponto and free armies charged against the forces of Mordor and give Frodo enough time to destroy the Ring. During the battle, Ponto witnessed both his brother and daughter fall, but he kept on fighting until Sauron was finally defeated. His defeat led to the start of a new age that would come. He later attended the coronation where Aragorn was made the High King of Gondor.

Fourth AgeEdit

Returning to the Shire, Ponto lived throughout his life during the Fourth Age and passed away in the year 21 4A.