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Race People Language Fierceness Population Area of Residence Loyalty Strength Lifespan
Elves Noldor Quenya,Sindarin 2(9) 500 000 Eregion,Forlindon Noldor,Elves 6 Immortal


Sindar Sindarin 1(6) 400,000 Harlindon,Mithlond Teleri,Elves 5
Nandor Sindarin,Nandorin 3(7) 800,000 Lórien,Eryn Lasgalen Teleri,Elves 4
Nelyarin Avari Nandorin,Avarin 1(8) 200,000? Eryn Rhún Avari,Elves 3
Dwarves Broadbeams Khuzdul 2(7) Belegost(Gabilgathol) Ered Luin,Dwarves
Firebeards 2(7) Nogrod(Tumunzahar) 250 yrs
Longbeards 3(9) 800 000? Hadhorond(Khazad-dum), Erebor,Emyn Engrin Dwarves 8 270 yrs
Blacklocks Blackbeards Khuzdul 4(9) 400,000 Khazikal(Orocarni) Dwarves 7 310 yrs
Petty-dwarves Petty-Dwarves
Men Dúnedain of Arthedain Sindarin,Westron 2(7) 770 000 Arthedain Arthedain,Dúnedain,Elves 7 250 yrs
Dúnedain of Cardolan Westron,Sindarin 2(6) 50,000 Cardolan Cardolan,Dúnedain 6 240 yrs
Dúnedain of Rhudaur Westron,Sindarin


15,000 Rhúdaur Rhudaur,Dunedain,Elves 8 260yrs
Adúnaim of Umbar

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