• Eldar
  1. Noldor
    1. Noldor of Lindon
    2. Noldor of Eregion
      1. Noldor of Rivendell
  2. Teleri
    1. Falathrim
      1. Falathrim of Mithlond
    2. Sindar
      1. Sindarin of Mithlond
      2. Sindarin of Harlindon
    3. Nandorin
      1. Laiquendi

  • Edain
  1. House of  Beor
    1. Descendants of Bereg
      1. Men of Baragdor
      2. Men of Nýmendúr Baradýn
  2. House of Marach
    1. Hadhorrians
    2. Settled Eriadorans (men of Arthedain)
    3. Rivermen of Baranduin
    4. Gwathló bargemen
  3. Númennoreians
    1. Men of Lond Daer
    2. Dúnedain of Arnor
  • Other Men

Peoples of Eriador

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