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Pearl Took was a Hobbit of the Shire who was the daughter of Paladin and Eglantine Took. She was the eldest child of her family, which included her brother Peregrin Took and two sisters, Pimpernel and Pervinca.


Born in 2975 3A, Pearl was the eldest child of the Took family. She was considered to be very easygoing and would always look after her siblings, including her brother Pippin. She was fifteen when the Ruffians invaded the Shire on September 5, 2990 3A. A month later, Pearl took care of her siblings during the Battle of Bywater. In the year 3000 3A, Pearl served as an attendant to the Took family Matriarch, Lalia Took, at the time of her death. Pearl was among those that attended Bilbo's 111th birthday party.

When she learned that her brother had left the Shire, she was among those that grew worried. However, she received word from Will Whitfoot that Pippin was in Rivendell. After Pippin left with the Fellowship of the Ring to destroy the One Ring, Pearl and her family joined the Shire Company and travelled south where they would prepare for war against the dark lord Sauron. She fought in the Battle of Pelennor Fields and gathered the wounded to be sent to Minas Tirith. She and her sisters were very happy to see their brother safe and would later participate in the final battle against forces of Mordor. She survived the ongoing battle, but her sisters didn't.

After the war was over, a new age was risen. Pearl was among those that attended the coronation of Aragorn. She died sometime in the year 25 4A and would be remembered as one of the Hobbits that were heroes in the War of the Ring.

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