Background information
Type City
Location On a Hill of the Southern part of Rohan
Realms Rohan
Founded/Built Late SA
Ruler Kings of Rohan, family of Uoren
Other Information
Summary Ex capital of Rohan, replaced by Edoras at the same place in the last TA 2500.
Other names
Inhabitants Rohirim
Spoken languages Rohiric/Westeron
Lifespan TA 1256, destroyed

Paviran was the past capital of Rohan.

History Edit

Main informations Edit

Paviran was built on a hill in the valleys of White Mountains by the first king of the great Rohan's dinasty, Uoren I. It was the first main capital of Rohan.

Built on a hill, the city was one of the main cities of Rohan until it destruction in TA 1256. The city had a view on the fields to prevent any enemies to come closer to citizens.

Rulers Edit

The first ruler of Paviran was the king Uoren I (SA), first member of the great Family of Uoren. Paviran was one of the rare cities who was able to be ruled by a woman. The first woman ruler was the daughter of Uoren, Vedis, who became the first queen of Paviran after her father's death at the age of sixteen.

Relations Edit

All rulers were tending to have good relationships with elves who were giving them protection. The main allies of Paviran were elves of Ailinosto, ruled by the king Vaeril. Paviran had relations with other cities of Rohan but were friendly toward dwares and elves.

Fading Edit

Paviran was deserted during the year TA 697 after the war of Lanthir Auth and the invasion by orcs in several cities. Abandonned, the city was destroyed TA 1256 by the forces of Mordor to avoid any humans to allie with elves of Ailinosto living in Mirkwood. Men who were living in Paviran just moved to other lands, thinking that the hill was not a source of proudness. Eorl was the one who choosed to settle Edoras the place of Pavirans ruins to show up that humans from Rohan wont ever fade.

The family of Uoren faded in TA 1153. The last daughter of the king Guevan, Margia, gave birth to a stillborn son and died soon after it. People started to think about a possible new ruler of Paviran and conflicts started. It was the begenning of the end of Paviran.

Renescence Edit

In TA 2796,Ceorlwine was lord of Paviran. He was master of Langbury and of the Guthi Vale. In 2998,Isengard Orcs destroyed the town and killed Lord Fruthin. It remained desolate well into the Fourth Age of the Sun

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